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312 vintage crochet blanket -digital download

Image of 312 vintage crochet blanket -digital download


A cuddly blanket made from brightly coloured crochet “granny” squares using Jo Sharp’s Mulberry Silk Georgette yarn in jewel shades. Soft enough for baby and a great project for a beginner.

Make it to keep or as a gift that will be treasured for years to come.

There are 10 different squares, and a clear colour diagram to guide you in assembly.

Jo Sharp Mulberry Silk Georgette
768 Infinite (4) 50g balls
765 Acid (2) 50g balls
764 Devon (2) 50g balls
772 Evening (3) 50g balls
771 Fig (3) 50g balls
773 Pea (2) 50g balls
770 Watermelon (3) 50g balls
776 Woodland (3) 50g balls